The City of Roses.  Bridgetown.  Beervana.

Little Beirut?  Rip City?  Stumptown?

Just based on the nicknames alone, trying to decide whether or not to move to Portland is a difficult task.  But after a week of consideration, here are my personal pros and cons for moving from Charlotte, NC to Portland, OR.

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So, Superbowl XLVII is coming up in less than 2 weeks.  The San Francisco 49ers versus the Baltimore Ravens.

Aka, the Harbaugh Bowl.

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Best Text of 2012

Here’s an actual text from 2012 between myself and my daughter.  I think this impromptu demonstration of my imagination is Exhibit A in the ongoing trial regarding my right to have caffeine…

Daughter:  Lol yeah I was gonna eat cereal this morning but a didn’t have any milk 😦

Me:  I hate it when a doesn’t have any milk.  Then, b comes along and tries borrowing some from a and a is all like “Hey!  I don’t have any milk!”  But b won’t listen to a at all.  Then this wakes up c and c comes down the stairs all grumpy-like and says “Now, see here!”  And b says, “Yeah yeah, we know you’re here but there’s no sense in being all grumpy about it.  I’m here too and a won’t share the milk with me neither!”  Then a starts to try explaining the situation again and c yells “Be quiet!” and b says “Don’t you yell at me!  I WAS being quiet! It’s a that you should be yelling at!”  And then, a huge flood of milk comes roaring into the room, followed by a huge spoon from the sky and that’s when you realize that Alphabits are really bad roommates…  Now, what were we talking about?

You know, after typing all of that again, I realized just how awesome that little story was!  Man, I’m good.  I’m gonna have to go make some coffee now and start working on my stories again…

Harry Potter and Webcams

Remember in Harry Potter where the pictures were “alive” and would move within the picture frames?  Well, I woke up this morning with an idea:  Harry Potter webcams.

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A Good Day Turns Bad

Went on a tour yesterday of 3 local breweries in Raleigh, NC with a good friend of mine.  The tour was very informative and tasty.  I think I may actually research brewing beer at home…

But the saddest moment was seeing a motorcycle rider flip his bike right in front of my eyes.  I knew that something bad was going to happen too, since everything slowed down enough for me to realize what was occurring…

A guy in a sedan crossed the road in front of 3 motorcyclists.  The first person was able to slow and swerve to miss the car.  The second apparently applied his front brakes too hard and caused his crotch-rocket to flip tail over head.  The third guy hit the second guy and wrecked as well…

…and the driver of the sedan drove away like nothing happened…

He knew what he did.  He even slowed down halfway through his crossing as he looked to his left and saw the bikes.  It was as if he was “Oh, crap! <brake>  Shit! <accelerate>”…  If there had even been the thought in my mind that he was going to leave the scene, I would’ve tried getting his license number, snapped a quick pic…SOMETHING!!

I wasn’t driving the truck I was in and was able to immediately call 911, gave the operator as much information as I could about the accident, and stayed on the line until the fire department paramedics arrived.  They were soon accompanied by 2 ambulances and 2 patrol cars.  Both of the downed riders were moving their arms, legs, feet, and hands, so they were definitely conscious at that moment.  I can’t say what the condition of their insides were like, though.

Since the accident took place in an area where a side road merged with a major road, I played traffic light and directed flow of traffic through the zone until the rescue crews and bystanders cleared the area.  Afterwards, I gave my report to the policemen and left with my very shaken-up friend.  I don’t think she’ll forget what we witnessed for quite a long while.

Be careful out there, people…



  1. Not operating normally or properly.
  2. Deviating from the norms of social behavior in a way regarded as bad.

I really don’t know what it is about dysfunctional women that attract my interest but, God, I love them so!

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Nursing Home

Want to know what it’s going to be like when you finally get herded to the local nursing home?  Here’s what you do:

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